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Title :Boundary behavior of optimal approximants
Speaker : Daniel Seco (ICMAT - Madrid)
Time : November 15, 2018 (Thursday), 03:30 PM
Venue : G23
Abstract : We compute the Taylor coefficients of $p_{nf} -1$, where $p_n$ denotes the optimal approximant of degree $n$ to $1/f$ in a Hilbert space of analytic functions over the unit disc $D$, and $f$ is a polynomial of degree $d$ with $d$ simple zeros. As an application, we show that the sequence $p_{nf}-1$ is uniformly bounded and, if $f$ has no zeros inside the disc, the values of $p_{nf} - 1$ converge locally uniformly towards 0 at every point of the boundary except the zeros of $f$.


Title :Inequalities involving Mean; Variance and Linear Maps on Matrix Algebra
Speaker : Rajesh Sharma (Himachal Pradesh University - Shimla)
Time : November 29, 2018 (Thursday), 03:30 PM
Venue : Auditorium
Abstract : Inequalities play a role in most branches of mathematics and have widely different applications. A number of inequalities are based on, or involve, means of various kinds. Means are basic to the whole subject of inequalities and to many of the applications of inequalities to other fields. We demonstrate one such case here. We focus on inequalities involving mean and variance of real numbers.

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