As a continatioin of the conference, an instructional workshop on Probability theory (May 14-27) will be held. Participants for the workshop are encouraged to attend the conference which includes a symposium in Probability theory (May 11-13). There will be a separate selection process for the workshop. The selected participants will be provided travel support and local hospitality during May 11-27. The organizers of the workshop are B.Rajeev ( and S.Ramasubramanian ( from I.S.I., Bangalore. People wishing to participate in the workshop may write the the organzers of the workshop in the formal specified herewith by March 10.

Other Resource persons for the workshop include:

Rahul Roy & Abhay Bhatt (I.S.I., Delhi), Amites Dasgupta (I.S.I.m Kolkata), Mrinal Ghosh (I.I.Sc.,Bangalore) and K.Ramamurthy & S.Athreya (I.S.I., Bangalore).

Local Organizing Committee at
Indian Statistical Institute,

T.S.S.R.K. Rao (Chairman)
B. Rajeev (Convener)
J. Biswas (Member)
C.R.E. Raja (Member)
B. Sury (Organizing Secretary)

Address: Indian Statistical Institute,
8th Mile, Mysore Road,
Bangalore - 560 059

People wishing to participate in the conference may write to the
Organizing Secretary or email to by March 10th.
The format for application is available at the website mentioned below.

For further information, see: