On the occasion of the 125th Birth anniversary year of Srinivasa Ramanujan


Mathematics as a career - Catching young Ramanujans

Workshop Dates : 7,8 January 2012


Venue: Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

Many talented students in our country are not aware that they can make a successful career out of mathematics.


The aim of this two-day workshop is to invite some teachers from the southern region and arrange mathematics talks and hold discussions to find ways to attract talented students to mathematics. We seek the co-operation of pre-university teachers and other teachers involved in training talented high school mathematics students.


This workshop is funded by the Indian Academy of Sciences and the Indian Statistical Institute.


The talks would cover the following aspects:

1. Challenging and interesting problems in elementary mathematics.

2. Modern number theory - a historical perspective.

3. Evolution of algebra.

4. A journey through topology and geometry.

5. Probability and Statistics - theory and practice.

6. Combinatorics and its connections to other disciplines.

There will be discussion sessions on both days.


Suitable mathematics books would be given to the participants to encourage and enable them to teach higher mathematics to talented students.


Participants will be provided boarding and those from outside will be provided lodging and train travel support by A/C 2-tier.

Some experts from outside I.S.I. who will deliver talks are:
B.V.Rao, R.L.Karandikar, C.S. Aravinda and Shailesh Shirali.

Apply to : surybang@gmail.com

Organizing committee : B.V.R.Bhat, J.Biswas, N.S.N.Sastry. B.Sury


Click here to view the Application Proforma. Filled up applications can be sent electronically to: surybang@gmail.com


For any queries contact: Stat. Math. Office at 080-284843002 (Ext. 440)



Statistics and Mathematics Unit

Indian Statistical Institute

8th Mile, Mysore Road

R.V. College Post

Bangalore - 560 059