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How to reach ISI

How to reach ISI

Reaching Bangalore

Bangalore has one international airport and the most convenient train station is: Bangalore City. All state run road transportation buses terminate at the Majestic Bus stand, adjacent to the Bangalore city station.

Reaching the Institute: Overall Location ISI is located about 20 kms South East of airport and 12 kms SE of central railway station and that it takes 45 min to 1.5 hrs from airport (depending on time of day) and about 30-45 minutes from central rwy station. Click here for a map.

The Institute is located on Mysore Road. As you come on Mysore Road from the city,well known landmarks near ISI are the following:

  1. Bangalore University. Its entry point is just before the Institute.
  2. RV College, which is an Engineering College, comes after the Institute on Mysore Road.
  3. There is a bus stop adjacent to the institute, which is popularly known as Jayram Das, even though the factory does not exist anymore.
If you are arriving by car/taxi, then on Mysore road after you cross Bangalore University gate then about 300meters onward you will see a break in the middle mdian of the road. A right turn is available at a railway crossing. Turn right here and follow the signs to the institute.

From Airport: If you are taking a flight to Bangalore, as you come out of the Airport, just outside the terminal building you will find a prepaid taxi counter. There are many pre-paid counters these days, all fairly reliable. The one run by Government of Karnataka is the cheapest. Remember that you should pay only at the counter and not to the driver. They will give you a piece of paper which you have to hand over to the driver only after you are satisfied that you have reached your destination.

From Bangalore City station: As you come out of the station to your left are the Prepaid Auto and Taxi Stand. Across the station is the Majestic Bus stand and you can take bus no. 222A and it will drop you at Jayaram Das Bus stand.

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