Session: Quality Theory

Paper Id Paper Details
4. Some Properties of CG(U,V)

Moutushi Chatterjee, Dr. Ashis Kumar Chakraborty, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

5. Generalized Process Capability Indices

Sudhansu S. Maiti, Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal

9. On Estimating Normal Parameters Using Progressive Type-II Censoring

Yogesh Mani Tripathi, Sukhdev Singh and Manoj Kumar Rastogi, Indian Institute of Technology Patna

10. Estimating the scale parameter of half-logistic distribution under hybrid censoring

Manoj Kumar Rastogi , Yogesh Mani Tripathi and A. Asgharzadeh, Indian Institute of Technology Patna

11. Statistical Quality Control  of Nanoparticle Preparation : A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

D. Dutta Majumder, Sankar Karan and A. Goswami, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

19. Fuzzy Inference Technique for Assessment of Software Quality Index for Mission Critical Software

B Valsa, Lalit Kumar, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram

28. Statistical economic design of xbar control chart with Pareto  in-control times

Dr. Neelufur , GITAM Institute of Technology

35. Range Chart in Pareto Distribution

R. Subba Rao,  R.R.L.Kantam and G.Prasad, Shri Vishnu Engg. College for Women, Bhimavaram

45. Fingerprint Representation and Matching using CBFS algorithm And Chain code Technique

G.Prathibha, O.Naga Raju & Dr.B.Chandra Mohan, Acharya Nagarjuna University            

55. A hybrid software quality forecasting model

Arun Duraibalan, Honeywell Technology Solutions

89. MIL-STD-1916 - A preventive approach to product acceptance

Anup Majumdar, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata


Session: Quality Applications

Paper Id Paper Details
1. Re-engineering Business Processes at Tata Communications - A novel framework and an overall approach to re-engineer, improve processes and transform businesses using the Business Value Enhancement Methodology

Senthil Anantharaman, Tata Communications Transformation Services Ltd., Chennai

2. Optimal location of process parameters in quality engineering via response surface designs and GLMs: Some illustrations

Rabindra Nath Das, The University of Burdwan,West Bengal

6. Role of Total Productive Maintenance in Lean Manufacturing

P.K.Suresh, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kochi

8. Radial Basis Function Neural Network based fault diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearing: A comparison of feature extraction techniques

Vijay G. S, Srinivasa Pai P,N. S. Sriram, NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte

13. Application of Queuing Theory based Process Performance Model (PPM) for enhancing predictability in Software Maintenance Projects

Saurabh Jain & Abhishek Chatterjee, Igate Patni, Noida

14. Noise Measurement in a transactional Process

Mayank Jain, Pramod Krishnamurthy, Varun Sharma , Birla Sun Life Insurance Co Ltd, Thane

15. Estimation of Process variability

Raval Neha & K. Muralidharan,  The M. S. University of Baroda

21 Role of Binary Logit Regression in Survey Analysis

Neena Mital & P.R. Lakshmikanthan, University of Delhi

24 A proposed conceptual TQM model for implementation to enhance business excellence for North Karnataka manufacturing SMEs

S B Mallur, N L Hiregouder,  Bhimasen Soragaon,   STJ Institute of Technology, Ranebennur

41 Tuning Sprint Goal Achievement in different project scenarios

Vijay Wade, Siemens Information Systems Ltd

46 Automation Arbitrage: A new paradigm to increase margin, quality, productivity and reliability in the KPO sector

A. Sailesh Chandra , Visionet Systems

47 Application of DFSS Framework in Adaptive Radiation Therapy Planning Proof of Concept

Prashant Kumar, Yogish Mallya, Philips Electronics India Ltd

49 Fuzzy multinomial cumulative sum & exponentially weighted moving average control charts

Ali Achouri, Hassen Taleb, University of Tunis, LARODEC

51 Process Performance Modeling in a Software Development Life Cycle

S. Sivalingam & S. Standley Sagayaraj , HCL

53 Reduction of COPQ in a Service organization,

Alok Kumar Jain, Sougato Chattopadhyay, Infosys BPO Ltd

54 Internet and  Social Media – Quality tool for Talent Acquisition and Retention

Arshad Hasnain, Infosys BPO Ltd

59 Reduction of Rework 

Shereena Mody, Hinduja Global Solutions Limited

63 Lean Six Sigma & Statistical Thinking

G Murali Rao, K Srinivasa Rao, Indian Statistical Institute, Hyderabad

64 Die Casting Process Improvement & Analysis

Milind Jaiwant,  Goa College of Engineering

65 Role of Quality in Meeting Global  Manufacturing Challenges

K Balasubramanyam, DRDL

69 Forecasting the Traffic Intensity and the Required Infrastructure for the Expressway Tunnel Project

P K Perumallu, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

72 Efficacy of a Drug in Treating Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

Amit K Biswas, Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai

73 Application of Taguchi’s Beta Correction (Partial Correction) Technique

Vidya Sagar A, U H Acharya, TVS Motor Company 

77 Challenges in Benchmarking of  Computer Systems

Anirban Basu,  East Point College of Engineering & Technology, Bangalore

78 Service quality of public sector banks in India

Sitaram Vikram Sujir, Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, A.P

80 Application of statistical techniques in software data analysis

Prasad SV and Kaliappan M, HP Global Soft

81 Durability Prediction of V-Belt using Life-Stress Model

Anil VS, Sachin Phadnis, T Rajasekaran, C.Sasun, U H Acharya,  TVS Motor Company 

83 Process Monitoring Through Application Of Principal Component Analysis On Cigarette Making Machines

S M Subhani, Indian Statistical Institute, Hyderabad

88 Evalution of Quality or Quality Revolution

M L Lakshmana Samy, Indian Statistical Institute, Mumbai


Session: Reliability Theory

Paper Id Paper Details
12 An Extension Of General Class Of Change Point And Change Curve Modeling For Life Time Data Considering More Than One Change Points Present In The Data

Ishita Basak, Dr. Ashis Kumar Chakraborty, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

20. Goodness-of-Fit Comparisons of Change-Point Models for Software Reliability Assessment

Shinji Inoue, Shigeru Yamada, Tottori University, Japan

22 Fault Removal Efficiency in Software reliability growth modeling using Log Logistic fault Detection

O. Nagaraju, Surya Kameswari & R. Vijaya Kumari, Acharya Nagarjuna University

25 Bayesian Accelerated Life Testing under Competing Exponential Causes of Failure

Soumya Roy And Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

32 M L Estimation of the Reliability Measures of a Two Unit System in the presence of Two Kinds of  Common Cause Shock Failures

B. R. Sreedhar, K. Pushpanjali,  G. Y. Sagar & Y. R. Reddy, T R R Eng.College & CBIT, Hyderabad

36.. Efficient K-Means Cluster Reliability on Ternary Face Recognition Using Angle Oriented Approach

R.Subba Rao, K.Rajasekhara Rao And R.N.V.Jagan Mohan, Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women, Bhimavaram

38 Safety critical Software of Software Reliability Growth Model Considering Log-logistic Testing-Effort and Imperfect Debugging

Naga Raju.O, SPVND Suneetha,  Aurora Degree And Pg College,   Hyderabad

50 Impact of Complexity of Object-Oriented Design on Software Reliability

Anand V. Hudli & Shrihari A. Hudli,  Objectorb Technologies

86 Bayesian Analysis and Optimal Censoring Schemes for Progressively Censored Weibull Distribution

Debasis Kundu & Biswabrata Pradhan, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

87 Bayesian Analysis and Optimal Censoring Schemes for Progressively Censored Weibull Distribution

Ashis K Chakraborty & Pradeep Kumar Pendem, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad


Session: Reliability Applications

Paper Id Paper Details
23 Improving the Safety and Reliability of process facilities using    Fault Tree Analysis Concept

Sharadchandra D. Karve, Reliance Industries Ltd. Patalganga

26 Structural Safety Evaluation Using Modified Latin Hypercube Sampling Technique

P Bhattacharjee; K Ramesh Kumar;T A Janardhan Reddy, DRDL Hyderabad

27 Software Reliability Engineering : Trends and problems

Dhowmya Bhatt,  SRM University, Ghaziabad

33 Performance Analysis of Industrial system under corrective and preventive maintenance

Manwinder Kaur, Arvind Kumar Lal, Satvinder Singh Bhatia, Akepati Sivarami Reddy,  Thapar University, Patiala

34 Reliability in Medical Devices- Experience

Saraswathi Deora,  Philips Health Care

37 Reliability Assessment of a Safety System

R.K. Bhardwaj & S.C. Malik, Punjabi University Patiala

44 Stochastic analysis of a complex system with inspection in weather conditions

Beena Nailwal And S. B. Singh,  G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar

57 Skill Gaps and Software Reliability

Anand V. Hudli & Shrihari A. Hudli,  ObjectOrb Technologies

82 Physics of Failure based Reliability Prediction method for a Two-Wheeler

C.Sasun, Sushant Mohan Dewal, U H Acharya, TVS Motor Company


Session: Six Sigma

Paper Id Paper Details
3 Six Sigma, Quality Function Deployment and TRIZ – An Amalgamation

M Shanmugaraja1, Dr M Nataraj, Dr N Gunasekaran, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore

7 Integrated BALANCED RISK ASSESSMENT IN manufacturing Planning

Gerhard Schoepf

16 Six Sigma – A path to achieve Excellent Quality Customer Documentation

S.V.N. Narasimha Kumar, Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore

18 Improving Overall Worker Effectiveness (OWE) towards six sigma level output in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises – a statistical analysis of workers’ personal factors

Bhimasen Soragaon, N. L. Hiregoudar & S B Mallur, Ballari Institute of Technology and Management

30 Improve C-Sat scores – Using correlation study (Spearman’s rank correlation

Gurupreet Singh Khanuja, Gagan Mehta & Siva Kumar Viswanathan,  Firstsource Solutions Limited

31 Six Sigma implementation (FMEA) to Improve Up Sell leads generation

Gurupreet Singh Khanuja, Gagan Mehta & Siva Kumar Viswanathan, Firstsource Solutions Limited

39 A VIKOR multiple- attribute decision method for improving supply chain leanness in food industry

Dr.P. Parthiban, H. Abdul Zubar, Surapaneni Bhavana and Richa Tiwari,  National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

40 ISO 9001: A platform to bring cultural changes within the Organization

Sudipta Gouri,  IMRB

41 Six Sigma- Lean in BPO environment

Paresh Pandey, Infosys BPO, Pune

52 Enhancement of Manufacturing Process - A Live Case

V. Mariappan, Rajesh Prabhu Gaonkar, Milind Sakhardande, Mahesh Dhawalikar, Goa College of Engineering

56. A study to improve repair writing operational efficiency using lean six sigma

Yuvarajan P, G Murali Rao, Infosys, Bangalore & Indian Statistical Institute, Hyderabad

58 Methodology of yield analysis and six sigma rating for higher educational institutions

S.Narayanamoorthy, Dr.V.Selladurai, Professor A.Rajagopal , Dr. S.R Devadasan, Hindusthan College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore

60 HMO QAP Error reduction

Romesh Kumar, Hinduja Global Solutions Limited

61 Pend volumes reduction

Joyson Coelho,  Hinduja Global Solutions Limited

62 Productivity improvement

Srividya Srikumar, Hinduja Global Solutions Limited

66 Claims Process Re-engineering: A Case Study

Sajulal Sudhakaran, Ashley Lopez, Madhan Seduraman,  Allianz Cornhill, Trivandrum

67 End to end call management: a case study

Sajulal Sudhakaran, Ashley Lopez, Madhan Seduraman, Allianz Cornhill, Trivandrum

68 Management of ACIS Referrals in Claims

Sajulal Sudhakaran, Ashley Lopez, Madhan Seduraman, Allianz Cornhill, Trivandrum

70 Improvement of Resource Utilization %

Bharat Mallya P K, Accenture

71 Reduction of Late Payment Charges in Account Payable Process

Bharat Mallya P K,  Accenture

74 Improving hrbp/recruiter satisfaction

Aparna Rao, Accenture

75 Capacity improvement in ACED plant by optimizing maximum jig envelope utilization and maintenances time reduction

P.Saravanan, J.Praveenthambu, G.David, U.H. Acharya, TVS Motor Company 

76 Application of DMAIC approach for improving the accuracy of output from the current level of 89% to 98%

Dr. Shyam Davala,  TCS Ltd, Bangalore

79 Improvement of Net Satisfaction Socre (NSS) Performance

Ajay Kumar Gaur, Accenture

84 Reduction in recruitment demand volatility

Usha Dharmarajan, Accenture

85 Scale up the Global Career Programming Process & Reduce Lead Time

Uma Thambusetty, Accenture


Session: Optimization Techniques

Paper Id Paper Details
17 Vendor- Buyer model considering imperfect items , trade credit & volume agility under inflation

V. Gupta & S.R. Singh, Inderprastha Engg. College, Ghaziabad

28 Determining Optimum Software Release Time with Euler Distribution as a Prior for the Number of Undiscovered Bugs

Ashis K. Chakraborty, Satadal Ghosh & Soumya Roy, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

42 A bouquet of unusual statistical applications in consumer market research

Ranjan Samanta, Gireesh Sabari & Jones Joseph, TVS Motor Company 

43 A production inventory management for exponential  demand with deterioration and  permissible delay

Kapil  Kumar Bansal, SRM University, Ghaziabad