"How come stealing from one book is plagiarism, but stealing from many is research?"

-Alfred E. Neuman

Publications and Preprints

  • Relations among Heegner Cycles on families of abelian surfaces. Compostio Mathematica 127,(2001) pp 243-271.

  • An analogue of circular units for products of elliptic curves. (with S.Baba) - Proceedings of the Edinborough Mathematical Society(2) 47,(2004), no. 1, 35--51.

  • A geometric construction of S-units in Number fields.

  • Values of multiple L-functions and periods of integrals.

  • K1 of products of Drinfel'd modular curves and special values of L-functions. - Compositio Mathematica, volume 146,(2010) issue 04, pp. 886-918.

  • Non-Archimedean regulator maps and special values of L-functions. - Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Motives and Shimura Varieties, TIFR Mumbai, January 2008.

  • Iterated integrals and higher order automorphic forms (with N. Diamantis) - Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, 86, (2006)

  • A non-Archimedean analogue of the Hodge-D-conjecture for products of elliptic curves. - Journal of Algebraic Geometry, 17 (2008) 781-798.

  • Higher order modular forms and mixed Hodge theory - Acta Arithmetica, vol.139, Number 4, 2009, 321-340.

  • Essential Dimension of Abelian Varieties over Number Fields ( with P.Brosnan.) - Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences- Mathematics (346) 2008, 7-8, 417-420.

  • Higher Chow cycles on Abelian Surfaces and the non-Archimedean Hodge-D-conjecture - to appear in Compositio Mathematica.

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