I have taught the following course:

1) To the Ph.D. students in Mathematics at the Indian Statistical Institute on the topics:

    a) Finite groups,

    b) Representation theory of finite groups,

    c) Reflection Groups and their geometries,

    d) Finite groups of Lie type,

    e) Lie Algebras,

    f) Classifications and the representations of semi-simple Lie algebras;

    g) Basic graduate level courses in Algebra

2. To the Master's students on :

    a) Algebraic Coding Theory

    b) Design theory

    c) General topology

    d) Complex Analysis

    e) Analysis of several variables; and

3. Several undergraduate Courses at ISI and at the following universities : Pittsburgh, Michigan     State, Mysore, Rutgers, Florida (Gainesville) on:

    a) Basic Algebra,

    b) Calculus,

    c) Linear Algebra, and

    d) Ordinary Differential equations.

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