1. I supervised the Phd thesis of Mr.Binod Kumar Sahoo at Indian Statistical Institute. The degree was awarded by Indian Statistical Institute in the year 2007. (Topic: Nonabelian representations of some finite geometries).

2. I have served as a thesis examiner for the Phd thesis of Ms. B.Vanaja Meenakshi submitted to Osmania University in 2003 (Topic: Some constructions of Combinatorial designs).

3. I have served as a thesis examiner and conducted the viva examination for the Phd thesis of Mr.Nilabh Sanath written at Harish-Chandra Research Institute and submitted to the Allahabad university in 2002 (Topic: Representation theory of finite groups of Lie type).

4. I have Served on selection/promotion committees for faculty at Indian Statistical Institute and at University of Madras.

5. I was a member of the Board of Physical Sciences, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, during 1997-99.

6. I have been an occasional referee to 7. I have served as a member of various selection committees, and several times the Chairman of the selection committees, for B. Math. B. Stat., M. Stat. and Ph.D. courses at Indian Statistical Institute.


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