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Algebraic Geometry conference

Dates: 10th December to 16th December 2015

Venue: Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Center

Venue: The lectures will be in the auditorium on the 2nd(top) floor of the main building. Adjacent to the lecture hall there are classrooms and several blackboard which can be used for discussions. There is also a ‘common room’ which can be used.

Internet: Wi-Fi is available and should be accessible throughout the campus. The password will be given to you on the first day. For the hotel and guest houses please contact the reception for the procedure. The hotel Wi-Fi is free.

Logistics: You have been accommodated at one of three venues.
• The Grand Magrath Hotel: From the hotel three taxis have been arranged to pick you up at 8.30 AM. On any given day there are 11 people. The drivers will have an ‘attendance sheet’ to make sure you are not left behind. If you decide not to come on some particular day, please inform them. If you miss the taxi and would still like to come the hotel should be able to arrange an Uber, Meru or Ola cab.
• ISEC Guesthouses: From ISEC the ISI bus will pick you up at 8.20 AM. Breakfast will be at ISI itself. Coffee and tea is available in your room and there are a few places in the vicinity where you can have breakfast if you prefer to have it early. It is also possible to walk from ISEC/NLSIU to ISI through Bangalore University (a reasonably pleasant 4km walk).
• ISI Guest House: Walk.

Tourism: Sunday the 13th is an off day. If there is sufficient interest then we will organise a hike to Savandurga - a big monolithic rock about 40km from ISI.

Medical Emergencies: The nearest hospital is BGS hospital on Uttarahalli Main Road. If there is any emergency please contact one of us and we will help you. Manish lives on campus so he will be able to help in the nights. For those of you in the hotel please contact the hotel staff. The nearest hospital is Hosmat hospital further down Magrath road. Important Phone Numbers:
• Ramesh Sreekantan: +91 9880459642
• Manish Kumar: +91 9916986725
• Suresh Nayak: +91 9945849820
• Jishnu Biswas: +91 9740207183

Weather: In December the weather in Bangalore is quite pleasant - with highs around 25 C and lows around 15 C. It rarely rains - thought this year the weather has been somewhat unpredictable thanks to global climate change and El Nino.

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