Open Access Journals in Mathematics & Statistics


                    1.   Acta Mathematica Academiae Paedagogicae Nyiregyhaziensis

                    2.   Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae

                    3.   Advances in Difference Equations

                    4.   Advances in Geometry

                    5.   ALEA : Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

                    6.   Algebra Montpellier Announcements

                    7.   Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae Mathematica

                    8.   Annals of Mathematics

                    9.   Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics

                    10.  Applied Mathematics E-Notes

                    11.  Applied Sciences

                    12.   Archivum Mathematicum

                    13.   Balkan Journal of Geometry and its applications

                    14.   Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis

                    15.   Bayesian Analysis

                    16.  Beitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie1

                    17.  Boletin Asociacio Matematica Vanezolana - English

                    18.  Boundary Value Problems

                    19.  Bulletin, Classes des Sciences Mathematiques et Naturelles, Sciences

                    20.  Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

                    21.  Bulletin of TICMI

                    22.  BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society 

                    23.  Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society

                    24.  Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society

                    25.  Communications in Mathematical Analysis

                    26.  Communications of the Korean Mathematical Society

                    27.  Computational and Applied Mathematics

                    28.  Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

                    29.  Conformal Geometry and Dynamics

                    30.  Contributions to Algebra & Geometry

                    31.  Contributions to Discrete Mathematics

                    32.  Differential Equations and Control Processes

                    33.  Differential Equations and Nonlinear Mechanics

                    34.  Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

                    35.  Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society

                    36.  Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

                    37.  Divulgaciones Matematicas

                    38.  Documenta Mathematica

                    39.  Electronic Journal of Combinatorics

                    40.  Electronic Journal of Differential Equations

                    41.  Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra

                    42.  Electronic Journal of Probability

                    43.  Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations

                    44.  Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics @ Furman University

                    45.  Electronic Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (EPICTCM)

                    46.  Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS

                    47.  Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis

                    48.  Experimental Mathematics

                    49.  Fixed Point Theory and Applications

                    50.  Forum Geometricorum: A Journal on Classical Euclidean Geometry

                    51.  Geometry and Topoplogy

                    52.  Hardy-Ramanujan Journal

                    53.  Hiroshima Mathematical Journal

                    54.  Homology, Homotopy and Applications(HHA)

                    55.  IAENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics

                    56.  Indiana University Mathematics Journal

                    57.  Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin

                    58.  Integers: Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory

                    59.  International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education

                    60.  International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning

                    61.  International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

                    62.  International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics

                    63.  International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning

                    64.  Interstat: Statistics on the Internet 

                    65.  Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

                    66.  Journal of Applied Analysis

                    67.  Journal of Convex Analysis

                    68.  Journal of Applied Mathematics

                    69. Journal of Applied Mathematics & Decision Sciences

                    70.  Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis

                    71.  Journal of Functional and Logic Programming

                    72.  Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

                    73.  Journal of Geometry and Graphics 

                    74.  Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications

                    75.  Journal of Inequalities and Applications

                    76.  Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics

                    77.  Journal of Integer Sequences

                    78.  Journal of Lie Theory

                    79.  Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation & Control

                    80.  Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry 
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                    81.  Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

                    82.  Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods

                    83.  Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

                    84.  Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications

                    85.  Journal of Operator Theory

                    86.  Journal on Satisfiability, Boolean Modeling and Computation

                    87.  Journal of Statistics Education

                    88.  Journal of the Japan Statistical Society

                    89.  Journal of the Korean Mathematical Society

                    90.  Journal of Transportation and Statistics

                    91.  Kyungpook Mathematical Journal

                    92.  Kyushu Journal of Mathematics

                    93.  Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

                    94.  Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics

                    95.  Mathematica Bohemica

                    96.  Matematicki Vesnik 

                    97.  Mathematics Educator

                    98.  Matematicas : Ensenanza Universitaria

                    99. Mathematical Journal of Okayama University

                    100. Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal

                    101. Mathematical Problems in Engineering

                    102. Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy

                    103. Mathematical Research Letters

                    104. Mathematics Educator

                    105. Memoirs of the Faculty of Science and Engineering Shimane University Series B: Mathematical Science

                    106. Miskolc Mathematical Notes

                    107. Morfismos

                    108. Nagoya Mathematical Journal

                    109. New York Journal of Mathematics

                    110. Nexus Network Journal

                    111. Notices of the American Mathematical Society

                    112. Open Applied Mathematics Journal

                    113. Open Operational Research Journal

                    114. Osaka Journal of Mathematics

                    115. Pacific Journal of Mathematics

                    116. Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal

                    117. PNA: Revista de investigacion en Didactica de la Matematica

                    118. Portugaliae Mathematica

                    119. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Mathematical Sciences

                    120. Proceedings of the Japan Academy Series A: Mathematical Sciences 

                    121. Proyecciones- Revista de matematica

                    122. Publications de l'Institut Mathematique

                    123. Publications of the faculty of Electrical Engineering,series Mathematics

                    124. Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly  
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                    125. Revista de Metodos Cuantitativos para la Economia y la Empresa

                    126. Rostocker Mathematisches Kolloquium

                    127. Sankhya

                    128. Scientia Magna

                    129. Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

                    130. Southwest Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 

                    131. Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications

                    132. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications

                    133. Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics

                    134. Theory and Applications of Categories

                    135. Turkish Journal of Mathematics

                    136. Ulam Quarterly Journal

                    137. Visual Math Journal

                    138. Zeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendungen Journal of Analysis and its Applications

                    139. Zentralblatt fur Didaktik der Mathematik