Brief Curriculum Vitae

Professional training and Positions held

Academic qualifications

  • Ph.D. (2001-2006), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India [Advisor: Tirthankar Bhattacharyya]
  • M.Sc. (1998-2000), University of Calcutta, India
  • B.Sc. (1995-1998), Vidyasagar Evening College, Calcutta, India

Research interest

    My research interests lie mostly in operator theory and more specifically in multivariable operator theory.


Conferences/Workshops organization

  • Quantum Probability: Past, Present and Future (August 10-12, 2017)
  • Conference on Functional Analysis @ IIT Bombay - 2017 (October 12-15, 2017)
  • North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability. July, 2017.
  • The Madhava Competition Nurture Camp. June, 2017.
  • Recent advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras (December 13-22, 2016)
  • TSSRK Fest, September 2016.
  • North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability. June, 2016.
  • Advances in Noncommutative Mathematics (ANCM). 2015-2016.
  • Complex Geometry and Operator Theory. December, 2015.
  • North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability, June, 2015.
  • Recent advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras, December, 2014.
  • Advanced Instructional Schools (AIS) on Operator Theory, June 2014.
  • Multivariable Operator Theory: A Thematic Session in IWOTA, December, 2013.
  • Recent advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras, December-January, 2012.
  • Concentration week in Multivariable Operator Theory, July-August, 2008. Texas A&M University (with C. Foias and C. Pearcy)

Reviewer of:

  • AMS Math Review
  • Zentralblatt MATH

Talks at Conferences and Workshops and Visits

  • Matrix and Functional Analysis -In honour of Professor Rajendra Bhatia on his 65th birthday, B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, November--December 2017, India.
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences, IISER Kolkata, November 2017, India.
  • Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay, October 2017, India.
  • North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability (NE-SWAP), Manipur University, July 2017, India.
  • Multivariable operator theory workshop at the Technion, on occasion of Baruch Solel"s 65th birthday, Technion, June 2017, Israel.
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences, IIT BHU, Varanasi, May 2017, India.
  • Conference in honor of Prof. Rajendra Bhatia, Delhi, May 2017, India.
  • Hilbert Modules in Analytic Function Spaces Workshop at TSIMF, Sanya, May 2017, China.
  • Hebei Normal University, May 2017, China.
  • Bologna University, Bologna, March 2017, Italy.
  • University of Roma Tor Vergata, Rome, March 2017, Italy.
  • Department of Mathematics, Manipur University, India. February 2017.
  • National Seminar on Functional Analysis and Harmonic Analysis, Sardar Patel University, India. January 2017.
  • International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications (ICMAA-2016), November--December, 2016, I.I.T. Roorkee, India.
  • Stat-Math Unit, ISI Kolkata, India, November 2016 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • National Seminar on Recent Developments in Complex Analysis , Operator Theory and Related Areas, Jammu University, India. October 2016.
  • Stat-Math Unit, ISI Delhi, India, September 2016 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Department of Mathematics, IISc, Bangalore, India, August 2016 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • SUMIRFAS (in Workshop in Analysis and Probability), July 2016, Texas A&M University, USA.
  • IWOTA 2016, University at St. Louis, July 2016, St. Louis, USA.
  • 31st Annual Conference of the RMS - Ramanujan Mathematical Society, June 2016, Trichy, India.
  • North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability (NE-SWAP) , May-June 2016, Arunachal Pradesh, India.
  • ISI Chennai (Colloquium talk), April 2016, Chennai, India.
  • One Day Colloquium, Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras, March 2016, Chennai, India.
  • IIT Bombay (Colloquium talk), March 2016, Mumbai, India.
  • National Workshop on ``Understanding Mathematics``, Central University of Kerala, March 2016, Kasaragod, India.
  • Discussion meeting in Probability and Analysis, Indian Academy of Science, February 2016, Coorg, India.
  • Department of Mathematics, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, January 2016, India (Colloquium Speaker).
  • International Conf on Analysis and its Applications, December 2015, Aligarh Muslim Univ, India.
  • Texas A&M University, July-August 2015, USA.
  • International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications (IWOTA), July 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Humboldt Kolleg, July 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability (NE-SWAP) , June 2015, Agartala, India.
  • Recent trends in Operator Theory and Function Theory, University of Lille 1, Lille, June 2015, France.
  • Annual Foundation School - II (2015), Shiv Nadar University, Delhi, May 2015, India.
  • Multivariate Operator Theory, BIRS, Banff, April 2015, Canada.
  • Conference on Geometry of Banach Spaces and Operator Theory, IIT Kanpur, March 2015, India.
  • National Seminar on Mathematical Analysis and Its Applications, University College, Thiruvananthapuram, January 2015, India.
  • Department of Mathematics, Tripura University, Agartala, January 2015, India (Colloquium Speaker).
  • International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 (ICM), Seoul, August 2014, Korea.
  • ICM Satellite Conference on Operator Algebras and Applications, Cheongpung, August 2014, Korea.
  • Function theory in several complex variables in relation to modelling uncertainty, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, July 2014, United Kingdom.
  • Institute of Mathematics Simion Stoilow of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, July 2014, Romania.
  • 25th Conference on Operator Theory, The University of the West in Timisoara, June-July 2014, Romania.
  • Institute of Mathematics, Prague, April-May 2014, Czech Republic.
  • Hilbert Modules and Complex Geometry, Oberwolfach, April 2014, Germany.
  • Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal, March 2014, Bhopal, India.
  • Workshop on Probability, Functional Analysis and Related Topics, Indian Academy of Science, February 2014, Coorg, India.
  • Excursions in Mathematics, Sponsored by Indian Academy of Science, Jain University, Bangalore, India, December 2013.
  • Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, December 2013 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, October 2013 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • International Conference of Operator Theory and Operator Algebras in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Ron Douglas, July 2013, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.
  • Special session on Operator Theory and Function Spaces, Joint International Meeting of the AMS and the Romanian Mathematical Society (with the Simion Stoilow Institute), June, 2013, Alba Iulia, Romania.
  • Sz.-Nagy Centennial conference, June 2013, Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged, Hungary.
  • Instructional Schools for Lecturers, March 2013, ISI Bangalore.
  • 27th Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, October 2012, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi.
  • Workshop on Operator Theory, Complex Analysis and Applications, July 2012, IST, Lisbon.
  • Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools, July 2011, Calcutta ISI.
  • AMS Special Session on Multivariable Operator Theory, 2011 Joint Mathematics Meetings, New Orleans, LA, USA, January 2011.
  • Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University, USA, February 2010 and September, 2010 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Department of Mathematics, IISER, Kolkata, India, August 2009 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, August 2009 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Stat-Math Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India, August 2009 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Great Plains Operator Symposium (GPOTS), University of Colorado, USA, June 2009.
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA, December 2008 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Houston, USA, November 2007 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Classical Analysis Conference, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, September 2007.
  • Southeastern Analysis Meeting, University of Richmond, USA, March 2007.
  • ICM-2006, Madrid, July 2006, Spain.
  • NBHM Advanced Instructional School in Harmonic Analysis and Functional analysis, participated as a part of the tutorial group, ISI bangalore, July 2006.
  • Banach Algebra 2005, LABAG, Department of Mathematics, Bordeaux University 1, France, July 2005.
  • Analysis Conference, Department of Mathematics, Sardar Patel University, Gujrat, India, March 2005.
  • Stat-Math Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India, February 2004 (Colloquium Speaker).
  • Stat-Math Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India, October 2003 (Colloquium Speaker).

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