Call for Papers

Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) are central to all methods of information organization and structuring and have remained at the core of information retrieval and knowledge discovery. In the networked world a range of KOS that include thesauri and classification systems, Ontologies, taxonomies, semantic maps, etc are in use. KOS can also play an important role in Cognition & Learning, Information Interchange and Knowledge Management. The endeavour of the organizers of the 12th International ISKO conference will be to bring together the disparate KO communities on a single platform to facilitate exchange and cross-fertilization of ideas.

Papers are invited for presentation at the Conference.   The language of the conference will be English.

The facets for paper presentations include (but are not limited to):

•    Classification Schemes, Taxonomies, and Categorization Schemes
•    Facet Analysis as the theoretical basis of knowledge representation & organization
•    Relationships in Thesauri, Semantic networks and Ontologies
•    Categories and Conceptual Structures for the Digital Environment
•    Alternative subject access, Web Indexing, social tagging, etc
•    Data Modeling for the Semantic Web vis--vis tools such as RDA, FRBR, MARC formats
•    Indexing and searching in Multilingual environments
•    Organizing Unstructured Information; Enterprise Knowledge Organization and Management
•    Knowledge Organization and the Multimedia challenge: Text, Audio, Video, Images, etc
•    Linguistic and other issues in Automatic categorization & Indexing