` Probability 3
Probability 3: Introduction to Stochastic Processes                                                               Semester I 2017-18

Instructor: Siva Athreya

Office: A 12. Course: Probability Theory III
Instructor: Siva Athreya
Room: G23

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Classes : Tuesday and Thursday 8:55-9:55 and 9:55-10:55.

There will be regular homework assignments during the semester. A selection of which will be required to be turned in.
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Scoring: Midterm 1 is worth 30 % of the grade. Final exam is worth 50 % of the grade. The Homework will consists of 20 % of the grade.

Feedback: Please feel free to drop by my office, to clear up difficulties or to just discuss mathematics. I would appreciate feedback from you as the course progresses. If there are suggestions/clarifications that you have then feel free to ask me.